Friday, March 15, 2013

Flannel Friday's 2nd Anniversary

In honor of Flannel Friday's 2nd anniversary, I decided to create a birthday-themed flannelboard.  (After all, what screams birthday more than flannel?)

Four pretty presents and they're all for me,
I unwrapped the red one and now there are three.

Three pretty presents and one is from you,
I unwrapped the blue one and now there are two.

Two pretty presents left until I'm done,
I unwrapped the yellow one and now there is one.

One pretty present, I'm having so much fun!
I unwrapped it slowly and now there are none.

To create my presents, I cut squares out of fun foam (I liked the bright colors for presents).  They are small enough that they will work on a glove, but also look great on a flannelboard.  The ribbon is wrapped around the square, held in place with a line of glue and the velcro on the back.  The presents didn't need a bow as that would get smashed in storage so I knotted the top and cut the ribbon so it looks kind of like a bow.

This week's round-up is hosted by the creator of Flannel Friday, Melissa, at Mel's Desk.  She also has a special 2nd Anniversary Flannel Friday button for you to grab.  Check out the great Flannel Friday map unveiling at Catch the Possibilities.  Kay at Storytime ABC's is setting up the next Storytime Swap.  If you are interested, get in touch so you can get some new flannel stuff in time for summer reading.  Have a great week!

1 comment:

  1. So cute, I'll add this to my birthday theme folder. Thanks for sharing.


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