Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dig into Summer Reading Extravaganza


Welcome to the 2013 Dig into Summer Reading Extravaganza!  In true extravaganza style, there are a lot of great posts and ideas that have been contributed.  Because there are many ways that you can take this theme, the posts are broken up by subcategories.

Drum roll, please...

Dig into Reading-Animals
Anne at So Tomorrow brings us another edition of Shadow Puppet Theater.  In this week's installment, the Ant and the Grasshopper tell their tale on overhead transparencies.  She also provides a link to her Dig into Reading ideas that she has been collecting.

Sharon at Rain Makes Applesauce pulled out a past favorite of hers that will fit this year's theme-10 Hungry Rabbits by Anita Lobel.  Plus, if you are planning any Easter, bunny, color, food, or spring story times, you will want to check this out.

Sarah at Read It Again! brings us worms three different ways this week. There are two great props and a craft.  You will love her flannelboard with sliding worms.

I love that Linda at Notes from the Story Room writes her own stories that will work well in story times.  This week she brings us Mole's New Hole, inspired by "The Big Turnip" and Elephant in a Well by Marie Hall Ets.

Dig into Reading-Construction
Jane at Piper Loves the Library brings us an action-paced retelling of Tip Tip Dig Dig by Emma Garcia.  From colorful flannel pieces to whirling scarves, you will really dig what she has created.

We've acquired a new blogger!  Welcome to Kristine at Dewey or Don't We (another great blog name!) as she brings us her foam parts for Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherry Duskey Rinker.

Dig into Reading-Digging
Lucy at In the Children's Room shows us how to dig through the Earth's crust on a flannelboard.  I am always looking for ways to pull nonfiction into story time and this is a great explanation.  Plus, you can keep it for 2014 when the theme is Fizz, Boom, Read.

Dig into Reading-Dinosaurs
In a new take on Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Thrive After Three brings you Anteater! Brachiosaurus!  Both the story and the parts are awesome. 

Kay at Storytime ABC's brings us Little Stegosaurus and the various ways you can retell it (I am a big fan of the puppet version).  In addition, she provides links to her previous posts that will fit the Dig into Reading theme.

I bring you Five Little Dinosaurs at Libraryland, plus show off some nifty new dino finger puppets that I bought for work.

Dig into Reading-Gardening
Andrea at Librarian vs. Storytime shows off Jack's Garden by Henry Cole.  If you have missed this story (like I have), it is cumulative like The House that Jack Built.

Andrea has a 2nd post this week at Librarian vs. Storytime using Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens.  What is really neat is that her felt pieces are double-sided.

This post is one of those story time themes that I never would have thought of, but it works.  Kathryn at Fun with Friends at Storytime created her own rhyme called Digging Potatoes to go with a story time all about potatoes. Plus, if you are looking for some March story time ideas, potatoes are a great idea (St. Patty's Day-Irish-potatoes).

Have you ever noticed how many pizza toppings come from the garden?  Amy at Catch the Possibilities shows us how to build a pizza in her programs.  I can see this working well with books like Pete's a Pizza

Have Book-Will Travel
Storytiming shows us how to make paper cities.  This would be great for decor, a paper city program, or put out on tables for kids to design their own cities.

Other Flannel Fun
Sarah at Read Rabbit Read has two counting nursery rhymes for us that she is planning to use tomorrow in her Family Early Literacy Time.  Nursery rhymes are always great to add to your bag of tricks.

Melissa at Mel's Desk is trying to tie her Waiting for Winter flannelboard game into Dig into Reading.  The best I have is that there is a dinosaur and a bone included in her parts.  Anyone have anything better?

Bridget at What is Bridget Reading? celebrated Tell a Fairy Tale Day by creating felt guessing pieces from a variety of tales.  I can also see this working well as a contest for older kids during Children's Book Week or Summer Reading.

Andrea at Roving Fiddlehead KidLit created a cool new flannelboard from a thrift store find.  It is another of those things that I had never thought of doing, but it turned out great!

Just in time for spring, The Voices Inside My Headphones shows us how to make a nifty kite perfect for your preschool crowds.  For those of us who have tried to make kites in story time before, you will definitely want this pattern.

If you want to know more about Flannel Friday:

-Check out the Flannel Friday blog.  Features include host schedules, how to participate, and links to past round-ups.

-For a visual look at Flannel Friday posts, check out the Flannel Friday Pinterest page.  This is a great "go to" resource when planning story times.

-Join the Flannel Friday Facebook community for great discussions and up-to-date information. 

Mark your calendar for these upcoming dates:
On Wednesday, March 5, Anne Clark will be participating in the Pennsylvania Library Association's webinar on summer reading.  Anyone can register! 

On March 8 Sharon at Rain Makes Applesauce is hosting "What Flannel Friday Means to Me". If you don't have your own blog and want to participate, Sharon will hook you up with as a guest poster on someone else's blog.  Plus, she made a cool button (it's like bling, it makes my eyes go all shiny!).

Have you added your location to the Flannel Friday map? In honor of our 2nd birthday, we are trying to see how far we reach. It would be really cool if we could hit all 50 states! You don't have to be exact, but if you follow us, we would love for you to add your locale.

On March 15 Flannel Friday will be 2 year's old. Melissa at Mel's Desk will be hosting the Flannel Friday Birthday Extravaganza. Wouldn't it be great if we got the most posts ever to celebrate?


  1. Here's my sequel to Duck! Rabbit! to use with the summer reading theme:

  2. I have two stories to share. Jack's Garden:http://librarianvsstorytime.wordpress.com/2013/02/27/felt-board-story-jacks-garden/ and Tops and Bottoms: http://librarianvsstorytime.wordpress.com/2013/02/27/felt-board-story-tops-and-bottoms/

  3. Mine will be here first thing Friday morning: http://www.sotomorrowblog.com/2013/03/the-ant-and-grasshopper-shadow-puppets.html

    Thanks, Lisa!

  4. Digging potatoes...http://kdr4xmom.blogspot.com/2013/02/one-potatoand-more.html

  5. I have two. One is just an post from last year involving a garden: Ten Hungry Rabbits by Anita Lobel (it's been pinned). That url is http://storytime.readingchick.com/?p=2079

    the Second post is scheduled for Friday morning. It's a reminder about What Flannel Friday Means to me and a button. That link is http://wp.me/pMt8P-MB I'll check to make sure that works on Friday. Thanks Lisa, Sharon

  6. I have no idea why I am so excited about this post. Just thinking "summer reading" makes my body ache! Well, this part was fun. I'll let you know mid August if I have properly paced myself! Thanks for hosting. http://piperlovesthelibrary.blogspot.com/2013/02/dig-that-dirt.html

    1. Ugh, I am right there with you on the aches. Then again, in my crazy world, I already have some tentative plans for 2014.

  7. I have not started planning for my SRP storytime. Instead, I posted two counting nursery rhyme visuals I am going to be using this coming Saturday. Thanks for hosting! http://sarah-readrabbitread.blogspot.com/2013/02/flannel-friday-counting-nursery-rhymes.html

  8. Hi Lisa, thanks for hosting this week! My post http://melissa.depperfamily.net/blog/?p=4488 will be up about 7:30 MST tomorrow. Thank you!

  9. I set up my brand new blog tonight. Dewey or Don't We is featuring the book Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site this week. http://deweydontwe.blogspot.com/2013/02/not-so-flannel-friday-kicking-off.html

    1. Kristine: I'm so glad you jumped into the story time blog pool. Come on in, the water is fine!!

  10. Here's my post for the Extravaganza.

    Hoping to have a guest post later today. After I attend a Children's SIG meeting this morning. So excited to see some Children's Librarian friends and share some Dig into Reading ideas ~ in person. These ladies always have some great ideas so it should be very helpful

    Thanks for hosting this week, Lisa. Can't wait to see all of the ideas!

  11. Sorry for messing up my link ~ twice. The one above is to the mobile version. This one is to the regular site:

    Fingers crossed that I did it right this time. Third time is the charm right? :)

    Thanks again for hosting!
    ~ K ~

  12. Here's mine: http://whatisbridgetreading.blogspot.com/2013/03/flannelfriday-fairy-tale-guessing-game.html

  13. Thanks for hosting. Here's mine: http://rovingfiddlehead.com/kidlit/flannel-friday-embroidery-hoop-flannel-board/

  14. I've got worms 3 ways this week :) http://misssarahsstorytime.blogspot.com/2013/03/flannel-friday-dig-into-reading.html Thanks for hosting!

  15. Aw, dang! I didn't know this week was **THEMATIC**. I'll have some SRP stuff for later but for now here's an easy kite craft!


  16. Hope I'm not too late.

  17. I'm running so late today! I'm sorry. Thank you for hosting, I'm so excited to see all the great summer reading ideas!


  18. So late tonight! Not a CSLP themed post, but Pizza! http://catchthepossibilities.blogspot.com/2013/03/flannel-friday-lets-make-pizza.html

  19. My library is striking out on their own this SRC, but here's a great resource for free printable that are perfect for libraries doing the iRead theme: Have Book--Will Travel: http://wp.me/p17lrO-p1

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