Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Flannel Friday Round-Up

Welcome to this week's Flannel Friday Round-Up!  We have some great submissions for you this week.

Wendy from Flannel Board Fun is showing off her 5 Chubby Snowmen.  These are perfect for winter!

Jessica from Storytime in the Stacks has brought us her Shape Monster.  I can see lots of other possibilities for this puppet/flannelboard combo, from colors to cookies!

Based on the book Walter's Wonderful Web, Jessica has shared a 2nd flannelboard this week.  The different web shapes really bring this story alive.

Jen from Adventures in Storytime was home with the flu this week and has brought us the seasonally appropriate Wash Those Germs Away.  I feel like we all will need this one!

That's a wrap for this week!  If you want to know more about Flannel Friday:

  • Check out the official Flannel Friday blog that includes schedules and other important information.
  • Search for images and links on our Pinterest page.
  • Discuss story time stuff (and other ys stuff) on the Flannel Friday Facebook page.
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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Magic Tree House Renumbering

I have heard from a bunch of librarians lately about how they are perplexed by the new Magic Tree House Merlin Missions renumberings.  Here is how my library is handling this issue.

First, know your community.  My community likes to read things in number order.  That makes the MTH renumbering a big deal. Otherwise you could have two books on the shelf with the same title and different numbers.

Second, loop in your cataloging department.  Is there a staff member on board who can change the bibliographic records to reflect the new series information?  This would be located in the 490 field or could be located in the 245 field under a subfield n. 

Third, how are you going to separate your Magic Tree House books from your Merlin Missions books?  They both look similar and are by the same author.  Only the newly printed titles will have the new series and numbering information on them.  For our library, we chose to keep the Magic Tree House books shelved under JFIC OSBORNE and added to the cutter for the Merlin Missions (JFIC OSBORNE/MERLIN).  This will help your shelvers to be able to separate out the two series.

Finally, we are currently going through and renumbering the titles on their spines and book covers.

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