Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tales from a Manager-Find Your Passion

A couple of nights ago, a bunch of us were talking about how we used to blog regularly before being promoted.  It was suggested that people would like our advice on management.  Here's my shot at starting that.

The number one piece of advice that I have for any new manager is to find your passion.  For me, that is programming. You may find that you like ordering, budgeting, or strategic planing the best. My schedule, no matter how busy I get, will still have a story time added.  This is what keeps me excited and gives me energy, even on the bad days.  It also keeps me connected with our customers, which helps me to plan for new services.

The further that you go up the management ladder, the further away from "doing" you become.  You are more of a leader and are there to encourage and mentor your staff.  You find them the resources so that they can "do".  You spend a lot of time working with your staff.  If you can still feed your passion, it helps you get through the less fantastic parts of your job (for me, that is the schedule!).
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