Saturday, June 25, 2016

Wild About Trains

Trains are BIG at my library so when I saw this program on Pinterest, I knew that I could tweak it to make it work for my kiddos.  We registered 40 kids as I needed to collect and store 40 boxes.

At the program, we started with a short story time.  I read A Train Goes Clickety-Clack by London and I Love Trains! by Sturges.  We also did a flannelboard of Toot Toot!  Then we started the crafts.

Craft 1: Make Conductor Hats
We precut conductor hats that were printed on white cardstock.  The kids colored their hats and attached them to 3-inch headbands.

Craft 2: Make a Train Engine 
The hardest part about this craft was collecting and storing 40 boxes.  Each kid got a box.  We precut other parts so the kids could grab what they needed to make wheels, the cattle catcher and the light on the front of the train.  We provided 2 signs-one that listed what parts to pick up and one that showed how I put my train together.

How It Turned Out
Not only did our PR person love this program as she got to take cute pics for our web site, but the kiddos had a lot of fun.  Many of them ended up pushing their train engines along the floor.  It was super fun!  I already have a list of people asking when we are going to do it again.
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