Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Flannel Friday-Dinosaurs!

With this year's Dig into Reading theme, I am excited to pull out a lot of dinosaur-related activities, programs, and rhymes.  This rhyme and pattern came from Finger Folk by Marilyn Lohnes.  I love any book that includes patterns!  The pieces are made out of fun foam so they are sturdy enough for a glove puppet, but will still work on a flannelboard.

Five little dinosaurs, trying hard to roar,
One went away, and then there were four.
(This continues down to 0.)

My two-year old groups really like counting rhymes.  We will start off by counting all of the dinosaurs on the board.  Then, as we count down, I let them fill in the blanks, such as "One went away, and then there were _______.  Plus, if you are in a state adopting the Common Core Standards, it is always fun to point out that we are doing math!

I recently got these great new dinosaur puppets for the library, which are perfect for this year's summer reading theme.  They would also work for this rhyme, but you would want to use volunteers.  Even though they are finger puppets, they are larger than traditional finger puppets (kind of like the size of your hand).  The puppets are made by The Puppet Company and I bought ours through Book Farm, Inc.  There is a brontosaurus, pteradactyl, stegosaurus, t-rex, triceratops, and velociraptor.

This week's Dig into Summer Reading Extravaganza round-up will be hosted at Libraryland (or here on this blog).

Mark your calendar for these upcoming dates:
On March 8 Sharon at Rain Makes Applesauce is hosting "What Flannel Friday Means to Me".  If you don't have your own blog and want to participate, Sharon will hook you up with as a guest poster on someone else's blog.

Have you added your location to the Flannel Friday map?  In honor of our 2nd birthday, we are trying to see how far we reach.  It would be really cool if we could hit all 50 states!  You don't have to be exact, but if you follow us, we would love for you to add your locale.

On March 15 Flannel Friday will be 2 year's old.  Melissa at Mel's Desk will be hosting the Flannel Friday Birthday Extravaganza.  Wouldn't it be great if we got the most posts ever to celebrate?

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  1. Love the cute and simple rhyme - easy to add to story time. (especially with the puppets!)


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