Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Flannel Friday-Mouse Paint

Today I did a Kindergarten story time on art and was able to do Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh in flannelboard form.  It is one of my favorite classic stories as you can use the story for mice, colors, or art story times.

All of the pieces are created out of fun foam.  The pattern for all of the pieces is here.  This allowed me to add more detail with permanent markers.  The eyes are all googly eyes.  The paint jars and the painted mice are dipped in actual paint (nothing else made it look like real paint).

The story starts off with 3 white mice and 1 cat.

The 3 white mice dip themselves in paint-1 red, 1 yellow, and 1 blue.

The colorful mice step in other blobs of paint to create new colors.  The red mouse steps in yellow to create orange.  The yellow mouse steps in blue to create green.  The blue mouse steps in red to create purple.

The 3 messy mice wash off in the cat's bowl before they paint with paintbrushes.

Retelling Mouse Paint on a flannelboard does require practice.  This is one of those stories where you won't want all of the pieces on at the same time or it will be distracting.  As you start each new part of the story (falling in the paint, mixing the paint, and washing the paint off), you will want to pull off the previous pieces.

This week's Flannel Friday is being hosted by Kay at Storytime ABC's.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful flannel pieces!

    I love Mouse Paint! It is very versatile and as you said ~ it can be used for lots of different themes. :o)

    Thanks for sharing the pattern!
    Enjoy your week!


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