Thursday, March 19, 2015

Early Lit Kits, Round 5

Let me start this post off by saying that I have an awesome boss.  Last summer I thought that I was done putting together our early literacy kits as we ran out of grant money and they take time and money to put together.  After our first four rounds of kits (here, here, here, and here), we had 24 kits on 15 themes and we could not keep them on the shelf.  In December my boss asked if I would like $1250 to create more kits that we received through a donation.  The glitch was that they had to get done by the beginning of March, which meant that this was my major January/February project.  I also work with an awesome PR person who takes all of my knowledge and turns it into the fancy booklets that you will see attached.  During the first week of March, we released an 15 additional kits on 4 new themes and we are still going strong in terms of circulation.  Our funder wanted to see the kits in action so we ran our story times one day around parts from each of the new kits.  Not one new kit was left in stock after story time as parents took them all home!

Kit 16-I Went Walking (Animals)
This kit contains:

Kit 17-Colors with Pete the Cat
This kit contains:

Kit 18-Cookie's Week (Days of the Week)
This kit contains: 

Kit 19-Lunch (Food)
This kit contains:


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  1. Well done! Nice selection of books, activities and informative & attractive brochures.


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