Thursday, May 15, 2014

Early Literacy Kits, Round 2

If you missed the first post about this project, you will want to start here.  I have had a lot of librarian interest in this project so I am sharing my progress as I go.  A week ago I finished four more kits!

Kit 3-Mouse Paint
This kit contains:

Kit 4-Polar Bear, Polar Bear
This kit contains:

Kit 5-Nursery Rhymes
This kit contains:
Kit 6-The Very Hungry Caterpillar
This kit contains:

As with our last round of kits, these are extremely popular.  There is currently none of the kits checked in at any of our locations.  While I wish that I could move faster to get these out, I have found that it takes me about 4 hours to put each kit together, from ordering to laminating, to creating content for the booklets, to processing the actual kit when it is ready to go.  9 more to go!


  1. Are these kits you can purchase:

    1. Unfortunately, no. I did link to where you can purchase each item if you would like to make your own.


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