Friday, June 7, 2013

Flannel Friday-Little Red Bug

It's time for Flannel Friday!  Here is a great rhyme to incorporate into your summer story times.

Little red bug, oh so cute,
Here's a black spot for your suit.
Now you go and have some fun,
With your spot, your very first one.

It's so nice to own a few,
So enjoy these lovely two.

We are very please to see,
How nice you look wearing all three.

You might feel that you need more,
So we'll happily give you four.
  Heaven, heaven, sakes alive,
 Look at you, you're wearing five!

This is an easy flannelboard to make as it is all circles.  You will need a large red one for the body, a medium black one for the head, and 5 little ones for the spots.  I added googly eyes because the kiddos tend to be fascinated by them.

This week's Flannel Friday Round-Up is hosted by Lisa at Story Time with the Library Lady.



  1. Super cute! Don't you just love ladybugs?! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cute little bug! Easy to do. Think I will need to make this :)

  3. I was looking for a flannel story for a class I'm taking and this one is just perfect! Very creative and to the point. Thanks,

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