Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nonfiction Promotion

If you are familiar with my library, you will know that we have almost no display space.  Our endcaps are also all metal, rather than slatwall, so we can't display at the ends of our ranges.  This makes it really difficult to increase circulation of our nonfiction for anything other than homework or hot topics (dinosaurs, animals, etc.)

We did come up with a good solution.  Since the endcaps are metal, magnets would stick to them.  We found plastic magnetic sign holders through Demco and purchased a couple of them.  Then we looked for a way to highlight nonfiction books on in these sign holders.  So we don't clutter up our endcaps, we have 2 sign holders in our nonfiction area.  One sign rotates monthly through different themes.  For example, April is National Poetry Month.  In addition to a title, we include cover art, titles, and call numbers.  This way if someone sees something that they like on the sign, they can find it on the shelf and take it home.

Our other sign rotates less frequently (normally quarterly).  It is still built around a theme.  Two recent ones we have had are Cinderella stories (or fairy tales do not circulate well) and Caldecott Nonfiction Winners (see below).

While the signs don't provide the instant gratification for people who just want to pick a book off of a display, they do provide the tools to find them.  It is a fun way to highlight different areas of our nonfiction section.

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