Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Great Shelf Challenge-Day 3

I am still working my way through E F for the Great Shelf Challenge.  Today I am on E Fearnley and E Fearrington.

E Fearnley encompasses four books by Jan Fearnley.  Mr. Wolf's Pancakes and Mr. Wolf and the Three Bears would work well as a story time book using popular fairy tales or paired with Keiko Kasza's The Wolf's Chicken Stew.  Both books have Mr. Wolf as the main character and we all know how often the Big Bad Wolf appears in children's literature!  The kids, preschoolers especially, will love these titles as they will "get" the humor.  Her other two titles, Milo Armadillo and Martha in the Middle, are both about little girls who solve a problem.  I really liked Martha in the Middle and can definitely see myself recommending it to other middle children.

E Fearrrington has one book called Who Sees the Lighthouse? by Ann Fearrington.  While it is in the picture book room and has a counting label on the side, it's real niche is going to be with teachers.  The rhyme works for young kids, but the lighthouses in the illustrations are all real lighthouses.  In addition, the endpapers list all of the lighthouses by state.  It is really interesting.  In Michigan the elementary kids have to do lighthouse reports since we have a lot of lighthouses along our coastline.  Their teachers are the ones that need to use this book because it would pair really well with the lighthouse assignment.  Plus, I like fiction and nonfiction pairings now that Michigan is adopting the Common Core Standards.

Next week I will continue through the F's.

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