Friday, April 26, 2013

Great Shelf Challenge-Day 4

The middle of the picture book F section has some great authors.  In our library, these books are always out because they are either classics or new popular books.  You've got Jules Feiffer, Marjorie Flack, Candace Fleming, Denise Fleming, Brian Floca, Greg Foley, Mem Fox, Marla Frazee, and Don Freeman.  These are authors that we, as children's librarians, are all familiar with because we are constantly using their books in our story times and on our booklists.  Really, I don't need to say much about them-they sell themselves.

The three that I would like to highlight from the middle F's are both by Valorie Fisher. Two of them pair up really well. 

Both of these books work really well for young children in story times about families.  They are easy to read and the photographs are real.  The kids really identify with them.

If you missed Everything I Need to Know Before I'm Five, you will definitely want to check it out.  It takes all of those concept books that we stock and puts them all together in a visually appealing format.  I don't think that we have any other book in the library that has labels on the side for ABC's, 123's, colors, and shapes (we label our concept books by concepts).

With four days left in the month, I will be back to finish up the F section next week.  There's at least one big author left!

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