Friday, July 26, 2013

Flannel Friday-Mary Had a Little Lamb

I am working on an early literacy program in a couple of weeks based on Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox.  Unfortunately, coming up with flannel parts for the whole story is cumbersome as there are 27 pieces if you illustrate the entire story.  With my early literacy programs I like to put out multiple sets of a flannelboard story or rhyme for the kids to play with by themselves or with their parents.  Luckily, I found this flannelboard on LibrErin's blog, who found it on Recipe for Reading

Mary has a little green lamb, little green lamb,  little green lamb.
Mary has a little green lamb whose fleece is green as grass.

For the next verse, you will need another colored sheep and something to compare that color too.  For example, red as strawberries or yellow as the sun.

For this program, I made 4 sets of 6 sheep.  The pattern is available at Making Learning Fun.  While the other blogs used googly eyes, I used puffy paint as my kids like to pick the eyes off of whatever pieces I let them play with.  Instead of felt, I used fun foam because I liked the vibrant colors for the pieces.  For each set, I have the song typed out, similar to how it is above.  For activities where kids are doing it themselves, I like to type the color names in that color font.  It is a way to reinforce that word.  If kids see "green" typed as green, the colored green font gives them a hint to what the word is.

This week's Flannel Friday round-up is hosted by Future Librarian Superhero.  Stop by to check out the great ideas!


  1. I found these little sheep in my filing cabinet a few weeks ago! (I'm new to my job and am still finding cool stuff) There was a slightly different Mary Had a Little Lamb rhyme with them, but I like your's too. My preschoolers love anything with different colors.

    1. Thanks. I am big on using things like this with different colors (or adding glitter and or swirls to some).


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