Friday, October 12, 2012

Flannel Friday-Props!

I have been inspired by Flannel Friday this fall and have been building props to use for my various story times and programs.  They all use 36x48 trifold presentation boards, because I can fold them flat when I am done with them for storage.

The first creation originally came from Future Librarian Superhero when she created her house-shaped finger puppet stage.  I loved the idea, but it wasn't something that I could use with a group of 30+ kids and their parents due to its size.  So presentation board #1 was cut, painted with blue paint, and had foam details added.  I couldn't fit the door and make it look symmetrical.  With the bigger windows I was able to use larger puppets to go through the windows.

As an added bonus, while I was painting this house, I happened upon a prop poem in Books in Bloom: Creative Patterns & Props that Bring Stories to Life by Kimberly Faurot called "Mouse House".  It worked great with the kids because they liked the interactive part of the poem where they got to call the mouse.  They also liked that mice hid behind the windows.

Well, it didn't stop there.  Future Librarian Superhero also created a cool barn out of a cardboard box.  I needed mine to be able to collapse flat, so once again I pulled out my display board, cut a door in it, and painted it red.  To add an early literacy component to it, I named my farm and put a sign at the top of the barn.

Needless to say, singing Old MacDonald has never been cooler at story time.

Number 3 happened by accident and isn't as cool as the first two.  I am doing a program next week where the toddlers will go through various literacy centers based on nursery rhymes.  I had some great stick puppets, but really wanted a puppet theater for them to be able to tell the rhymes.  Voila!  Another presentation board became a puppet theater.

For this one, I did add booktape along the cut out rectangle so the kids don't catch themselves on the edge.  Part of me originally thought that the rectangle needed a bright colored border, maybe in foam, but then I changed my mind.  This way the puppets will really stand out.

The round-up this week is hosted by Read Sarah Read!


  1. What a neat idea! Pre cut and easy! And oh-so storable. I might make a flannel board using one for where I do my program. Right now, I haul in my one from home and it is a PAIN. This would store away and I could put it on the table top instead of hunting for an easel! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Presentation boards are a great idea! I am stealing this idea.

  3. Awesome house! I love it. I wish I would have thought more about size of the group when I made my fingerpuppet stage--I usually have too many kids to use it too! Making a larger version like this is on my (mile-long) to-do list. Thanks for the links and the nice words!


  4. Great idea. I like that you can fold it flat. Storage is always an issue.

  5. The presentation board idea is just perfect. Though Anne should remember that librarians don't steal. We borrow :D
    And I'm borrowing this idea!


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