Thursday, October 18, 2012

Flannel Friday-Mouse Shapes

We have a shape story time coming up and it is really hard to find good flannelboards on this subject.  I took the book Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh and partially flannelized it.  You'll see what I mean below.  There are a lot of great basic shapes in this book that combine to make things, such as wagons or books.

In the picture above, you can see a tree made out of 1 green triangle and 1 brown rectangle.  There is a sun made out of 1 yellow circle.  A house is made out of 1 red square and 1 red triangle.  The wagon is made out of 1 orange rectangle and 2 blue circles.  Finally, the book is made out of 2 turquoise trapezoids.

To help keep the shape creations straight, I added a picture index in the front of the file folder in which I store the flannelboard.

Of course, there are a lot of complicated creations made out of shapes so I copied those, laminated them, and added velcro to the back.

This week's round-up is hosted by Mollie at What Happens in Storytime.  Stop by to check out all of the great ideas!


  1. I am thinking of doing a shapes story time soon. This is the perfect book - great job!

  2. What about different shapes of street signs? I think an alphabet book just game out with some, so you could copy and laminate those.


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