Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flannel Friday Round-Up for June 2

Welcome to my first Flannel Friday round-up!  There are a lot of great ideas this week, many I want to try myself.

Melissa shows us how to make finger puppets at Mel's Desk and gives us some ideas on how to use them in story times.  Plus, there are patterns (who doesn't love patterns?)!

Anne at So Tomorrow is getting ready for St. Patrick's Day 2013 with her flannelized version of the Irish trickster tale The Field of Boliasuns.

At Welcome to Storytime, Kelly has given us the words and flannel pieces to the Sleeping Bag Chant.  This looks like it will go great with the summer reading theme Dream Big Read!

If you are planning a jungle story time, pull out Sarah's Five Ferocious Lions on Read, Sarah, Read!  Sarah also gives you a lion craft and book options.

I love moose books, but can never find any good rhymes to go with them.  Check out Storytime Sparks this week for Ten Mighty Moose.  Sandy has also attached a cute clip art moose to go with the rhyme.

Here's another great addition for the Dream Big Read! summer reading theme.  Check out In the Children's Room where Lucy has flannelized the song Let's Go Out On a Summer Night.

If you are looking for a great game to play this summer, check out Miss Courtney Meets Bobo where Courtney shows you how to play The Cow Jumped Over the Moon.

Sarah at Read It Again! made herself out of foam.  How cool is that?  Miss Foam Sarah goes with the poem There's a Bug on the Teacher.

I am always intrigued by multilingual ideas as that is one area of children's librarianship that I haven't explored yet.  Katie shows us One Elephant Went Out to Play or Los Elefantes at ¡Es Divertido Hablar Dos Idiomas!

At The Voice Inside My Headphones, there is a cute animal noise craft.

I am jealous of whoever can do this.  Monica at Ram Sam Storytime shows us how to do a StoryWalk.  Her version uses Denise Fleming's In the Small, Small Pond.

Get ready to look for some chicken stories to go with this fun craft.  Linda at Notes from the Story Room shows us how to make her popular squawking chicken craft.

For those summer story times, check out Mollie at What Happens in Storytime with her five ice cream cones with sprinkles!  She uses the rhyme Down Around the Corner at the Ice Cream Shop.

Finally, I have created a flannelized version of Ten Little Fish by Audrey Wood for one of our summertime fish story times.

Thanks everyone for a great week!  To find a schedule of future round-ups or more information about Flannel Friday, check out the official Flannel Friday blog!


  1. Hi Lisa, I have one scheduled to go up at 8 a.m. on Friday. I hope it's OK if I just link you to my blog and not the individual post, as I will be on maternity leave by then.

    Thanks! Good luck with your first roundup. I am sure you will do great. :)

    1. No problem, Anne! I will grab it Friday morning. Good luck!

  2. Flannel figures to go with the cumulative chant "Sleeping Bag Chant": Thanks, Lisa!

  3. Five Ferocious Lions! Thanks, Lisa!

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I've just posted a simple moose flannel board rhyme at Thanks, Lisa!

  5. A great night/summertime song. Perfect for Dream Big- Read!
    Thank you Lisa!

  6. The Cow Jumped Over the Moon

  7. Meet foamie Me! Or, a poem about flies. Thanks, Lisa!

  8. Hi Lisa! Thanks for hosting this week's round up. My flannel for this week is a a prop technique to go with "One Elephant Went Out to Play" or "Los elefantes."

    Katie Cunningham
    ¡Es Divertido Hablar Dos Idiomas!

  9. Here's mine! It's a craft this week.

  10. Here is mine - not a flannel, but a great way to get kids outdoors during storytime!

  11. My contribution this week:

  12. Hi Lisa! Thanks for handling the round up today! Here's my link:

  13. Lisa, here's my link for this week:


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