Thursday, May 31, 2012

Flannel Friday-Ten Little Fish

This week's post is a flannelized version of Ten Little Fish by Audrey Wood for one of our summer story times.  You can use this story with a wide variety of ages.

To make the fish, I started off by drawing a pattern.  It helps if you cut out three fish patterns-one for the base, one for the fin and tail, and one for the color in the middle.  I tried to pick out bright colored felt, similar to the fish in the story.  After cutting out the parts, I used Tacky glue to assemble and added a large googly eye to each.  The fish work great on my blue flannelboard, because the blue can be the water in the story.

By choosing a book with numbers and bright colors, it will work great with the toddler set.  Plus, the story is fun for the more engaged listener (a.k.a. preschoolers and kindergartners).

This week's round-up can be found on this blog in a different post.  You can also check out the official Flannel Friday blog to see what we are all about.

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