Friday, May 11, 2012

Flannel Friday-Are You a Cow?

I am a big fan of using Sandra Boynton books in story times.  They have great rhymes, great pictures, and many kids are familiar with her work.  When you work with toddlers, they love the familiar-it makes them feel like they know what is going on.

Sandra Boynton's newest book, Are You a Cow, is a great new addition to story time circles.  There is still a rhyme, but it isn't as complicated as Barnyard Dance.  Boyton relies on toddler humor to make this book work.  If you ask a toddler if they are a cow, you will most likely get a resounding "NO".  Plus, when you do this, you are working on that ECRR2 skill of talking.  This is a title that is great for interaction and the kids will be giggling right through.

Are you a cow???

How about a dog?  A duck?  A frog?
A lamb? A pig? A hippo that is big?
A bear that doesn't frown?
A chicken hanging upside down?
A penguin?
(There's one more, but I won't spoil it.)

The flannelboard pieces are all AccuCut die cut paper pieces.  I used markers to embellish.

The Flannel Friday roundup this week is at Rain Makes Applesauce.  Check out the other great creations there or on the Flannel Friday Pinterest board.  For a complete description of Flannel Friday, the hosting schedule, and more, check out the new Flannel Friday blog.

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  1. I love Boynton's books and this one is definitely a keeper! :o)


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