Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bug ABC's Blog Hop

My contributions to the Bug ABC's Blog Hop are both storytelling ideas.  Click on the button to the right to find more bug ideas from other blogs!

Old Black Fly Clothesline Story
I love to find new and different ways to use props in my story times.  I had never done a clothesline story before, but had heard about them, so I decided to create one.  If you are making a clothesline story, they work really well with cumulative stories.  That way you can add the pictures as you go.  You will also need a way to hang the clothesline.  I have used 2 parents, 2 chairs that I can tie the clothesline around, and the handles on cupboards.  It all depends on your group and how high the clothesline needs to be so you can tell the story and everyone can see.

For my first attempt at a clothesline story, I picked Old Black Fly by Jim Aylesworth.  I used blank index cards and on each I would glue a piece of clip art and add a sticker letter.

What also helped was to write out the story on the back of the cards (so I didn't have to memorize the book-it just looks like I did!)

With 26+ pieces to this story, I attached all of them to the clothesline ahead of time.  Then I went along behind it with the black fly and told the story.  The kids really liked it as it was something different.

Little Red Bug Flannelboard
I love how this flannelboard turned out.  To make the ladybug, you need 2 circles.  Cut the larger circle out of red felt and the smaller circle out of black felt.  Glue them together.  I added large googly eyes to his head.  Then, you will need 5 smaller black circles.  For mine, I used 1 inch black circles.

Little Red Bug

Little red bug, oh so cute, here's a black spot for your suit.
Now you go and have some fun with your spot, your very first one.
It's so nice to own a few, so enjoy these lovely two.
We are very pleased to see, how you look with all three.
You might feel that you need more, so we proudly give you four.
Heaven, heaven sakes alive, look at you, you're wearing five!

(As you say the numbers, add a spot to the ladybug.)

Many thanks to Storytime ABC's for starting this blog hop!

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