Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Toddler Crafts

This morning we ran our Toddler Crafts program for ages 2-4.  At my library this type of program is station-based so kids and their adults work on the projects together.  I always have a sample on the table for them to follow.  When choosing projects for this age group, I tend to focus on one skill, whether it be coloring, gluing, or something else.  To tie this type of program back into early literacy, most of these projects work on fine motor coordination, which strengthens hand muscles so kids can begin to write.  Here are today's projects.

Paper Plate Fish
If you have never made your own paper plate fish before, they are super easy.  Cut a triangle out of a paper plate and staple it to the plate to form the tail (see above).  I cut a variety of construction paper squares and kids glued them on.  I had some leftover sticker eyes from another project and the kids had great fun adding the eyes to their fish (one kid ended up with six eyes on their fish!).

Envelope Puppets
Envelope puppets are one of my favorite projects because they are low-cost, easy, and come out with a great product.  To make your own, seal an envelope and cut off about 3 1/2 inches at the end.  If you use letter-sized envelopes you will be able to cut them in half.  Today I made a variety of animal die cuts on our AccuCut die cut machine and put them out for kids to glue to their envelope.  They could then decorate their animal with crayons.

Bead Necklaces
I bought three supplies to make these necklaces:
When looking for beads for this age group, look for larger-sized beads and ones with large holes.  Tipped lacing yarn is great because it is easier to string through the holes.  To set up this station, I put a handful of each type of bead in a cup along with 1 piece of yarn.  This made it easier to pass out.

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