Saturday, June 14, 2014

Awesome Jar

This idea originally came from Sara at Bryce Don't Play.  I took her original idea, made it fit my building, and added some new twists.

We have a set of display shelves in my department that nobody ever wants to refill.  I decided that we would let the customers do it themselves and we would fill in where needed (and monitor it).  I started with an empty plastic jar and labeled it the "Awesome Jar".  I put out slips of paper asking for a person's first name and an awesome book that they have read.  When books are low on the shelves, I raid the slips in the jar for more titles.

This was our display when I set it up.

To get more mileage out of people's recommendations, I am also tweeting them out every so often.  If you check the hashtag #cmplawesomejar, you will see a couple of our titles so far.  Now that people are seeing these recommendations and the display, the jar is filling up!

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  1. I love this iteration! Just so everyone knows I was not the originator of the Awesome Box-- That was started at Harvard. Here's the link: I, however, had the opportunity at my library to make it completely analog and YS-oriented!


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