Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Early Literacy Station-Today's Weather

If you are looking for a quick and easy early literacy station to put up in your library, you may want to try this out.  I will admit that I put it together for its simplicity since I was out for a couple of weeks at the beginning of our summer reading program.  It is called "Today's Weather".

I always put out a sign with instructions and to highlight various early literacy skills.  This way maybe parents will see it as instructional, rather than just a babysitting tool.

All of the materials started off out with the station.  I have since learned that boxes of colored pencils do not do well in public library activity rooms.  They are now at the reference desk with a sign to ask for them.

The point of this station is for kids to make an observation.  What is today's weather?  They then will write their weather word (usually with help) and draw a picture of it.  Finally, they add their submission to our mailbox (really, everybody needs a giant mailbox!).

As submissions come in, I hang them up above the early literacy station.  It is our gallery of early literacy goodness.  Plus, there are some great weather pictures!  Here are some of them below:

If you would like to steal this idea, feel free to click here for the sign and the form.

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  1. Lisa, this is great, I'm borrowing it for this summer! Thanks for posting.


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