Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Reading Decorating

This year my library is participating in the Dream Big Read! summer reading program theme.  Our branch does not have a lot of display space so we work with untraditional surfaces to create our displays, such as windows, ceilings, etc.  I am also a big believer of the Rule of Seven when looking at summer reading displays.  (If you are unfamiliar with the Rule of Seven, it says that the average person needs to see a message 7 times in order for them to take action.)  The more times that we can put our information out there, the better the return in participants.

We do use as many of the Upstart promotional materials as we can, such as the vinyl banner over the front doors, the stand-up display by the table of reading logs, and the outdoor signs out in the gardens along the buildings.  Below are some of the different ideas that we came up with.

As people pull in the parking lot, they can see our giant front window.

The font is similar to the Uncle Stinky font that is the official font for this theme.  The multicolor stars are approximately 8x8.  The backside of the stars that faces the lobby are covered in glitter.

As you walk in the lobby, there are 3-D cardstock stars hanging from the ceiling that my coworker made.  She found tacky spray adhesive that made it really easy to glitter the stars.

Our 2 service desks are covered by multicolored stars from Lakeshore Learning.

Below is our summer reading table.  I like having at least some of the information out on the floor because we have a lot of customers who like to pick up the forms without talking to anyone.  Plus, we have a very busy reference desk and people don't have to stand in line to get the information.  We do have staff available to answer questions and we do have a stack of forms behind the reference desk.  I am also a big advocate of asking people in line if they have picked up their forms.  (You will get a lot of blank looks.)  This gives me the chance to personally explain the program and pass out materials.  A lot of people don't "get" summer reading programs.  They think that since they are reading books, they are doing summer reading and that is what the program is.

Our teen librarian used the Own the Night theme with a Hunger Games twist.  When we decorated the window near our teen area, we kept the Hunger Games theme by using the font, the mockingjay, and the arrrows.

Throughout the library, we hung stars on the endcaps.  They give the basic information, such as ages and dates, then direct people to the reference desk.  What is great about these is that they allow you to put them in places you don't normally decorate.  Everybody can see that there is something going on if they walk in the children's room, but how about the nonfiction area?  We hang these on endcaps in nonfiction, reference, and the adult areas.

Finally, if you have missed all of the other information about summer reading, there is a sign attached to the gates as you head out the door.

The sign asks if you picked up your summer reading log, tells you it is free for all ages, then directs you to the reference desk to pick one up. 
Have a great summer!

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