Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rock Star Crafts

We took a little different take on the Dream Big Read! summer reading theme in planning some of our programs.  We looked at what kids would want to be or dream about.  Our first big program was Rock Star Crafts for ages 6-12. 

We bought design your own inflatable guitars and design your own guitar pick necklaces (no longer available) through Oriental Trading.  We raided our supply closets and found all of our Sharpie markers.  It also helps if you have some of the chisel tip Sharpies as they can color large sections on the guitars.  If you want to add "strings" after you color your guitar, metallic silver Sharpies are great for adding them.

The kids had a great time.  I was pleasantly surprised by how many boys came.  They also tended to spend more time designing their "perfect" guitars, complete with flames and other intricate designs.  I would definitely run this program again.

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