Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flannel Friday-100 Animals

I think of this rhyme as the "ultimate" in participation flannelboard rhymes.

100 Animals
I went to the zoo and what did I see?
100 animals looking at me.
There were 10 tall giraffes eating from the trees,
10 silly monkeys scratching on their kneews.
10 sleepy snakes lying in the sun,
10 elephants munching on peanuts one by one.
10 leaping tigers performing in shows,
10 pink flamingos standing on their toes.
10 grouchy bears trying to get some sleep,
10 happy hippos in the water deep.
10 roaring lions walking two by two,
10 galloping zebras...
All living at the zoo!

To make your own, I used my Cricut Animal Kingdom cartridge and leftover cardstock that I had at home from scrapbooking.  I set my cutting dial to 2 inches.  You will need 10 of each animal.  (I will admit that I couldn't find a flamingo to cut out.  It is really a pink duck.)  I used Crayola markers to add details, such as the zebra's stripes and the monkey's arms.  Then I laminated the pieces and added velcro to the back.

This is a rhyme where you will have to think about the execution beforehand.  Do you have enough room on your flannelboard for all 100 animals?  When I do it, I either pull out our giant velcro wall from Lakeshore Learning (no longer available for purchase) or say half of the rhyme at a time and clean off the animals in between.  Another possibility is to pass out 1-2 animals to each kid in your group and not worry that there are 10 of each up on the board at the end.  You also have to say the rhyme a little slower than normal or you will have a traffic jam in front of the flannelboard.

This week's Flannel Friday round-up is hosted by Katie at Recipe for Reading.  For more information about Flannel Friday, please check out the Flannel Friday offical blog.


  1. Cute idea!

    I need to do some research on the Cricut. We have a large Ellison die cut and a small Ellison die cut but they are old, old, old. :-(

    Do you use your Cricut a lot? Am I right in thinking that you can choose the size you want your shape to be cut out? Like if I want a 3 in hippo and a 2 inch hippo, can I do that with the same cartridge?

    Hope you are having a relaxing weekend!

  2. K-
    I will admit that I probably wouldn't buy a Cricut for our library because it just isn't suited to the heavy use that we would put it through. Plus, you would be constantly buying new blades and mats.

    I do love it, though, for small things and details. It is great at scoring cuts so you can see things like the monkey's arms. Yes, you can change the size. I usually stick around 2 or 3 inch (smaller ones just don't cut well and larger don't fit as well through on the cutting mat).

    What you really need is a scrapbooker on staff who would do your cutting for you...:)

    1. Lol! I am that person on our staff. Everyone always wants me to cut out their stuff because I can cut intricate details and make it look like I used a die cut machine. I have my Mom to thank for that! She was a beautiful seamstress and she taught all 7 of us children to use scissors appropriately. Not many children are taught to turn the paper, not the scissors, while cutting.

      Thanks for the information! It is the heavy use that I would be interested in alleviating. Sometimes I do over a hundred crafts for one storytime theme. It gets tiring cutting everything out on busy weeks. :-/

  3. Holy cow! This is sooo much fun. I don't have a Cricut or an Ellison...I will never have 100 animals...yet I love this!!! ~ jane

  4. another option is to cut clusters of animals, instead of 10 individual animals ... by this i mean, you can have a group of 2, 5 or even all 10 of the same animals on the same cut-out. not only can this help with space, but it will definitely help speed the process up when telling such catchy poems. if i were to do it, i'd probably cluster in 5's. then i would start by showing them that there are five on each cluster by counting one animal (probably the giraffe) cluster aloud - 1,2,3,4,5, placing it on the board and then 5 on the other cluster - 1,2,3,4,5, and then adding them together by counting them all together now that both are on the board - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10! - and then doing the rhyme. it is very cute. thanks for posting, i will be adding it to our collection :-)


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