Monday, December 29, 2014

Flannel Friday-Build a Snowman

We have a flannelboard in our Activity Room that is really popular.  The glitch is that you need a lot of easy to create pieces as pieces tend to disappear over the month.  I like things that are open-ended so the kiddos can take the pieces and make their own design, which is how this month's board came about.  I cut out a bunch of white circles in various sizes, orange triangles for noses, brown rectangles for arms, different colored boots, different colored little circles for eyes, various colored scarves, and a few mouths.  All of the pieces sit in a bin so kids can design their own snowmen like so.

I always put up a sign near the flannelboard for parents that I think of it as a conversation starter.  After all, we know why flannelboards are awesome and not just toys.  Parents do sometimes read the sign and talk about this stuff with their kids.

Flannel Friday this week will be hosted by Anne at So Tomorrow.

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