Thursday, August 8, 2013

Flannel Friday-A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea

There are those days when I am walking by one of our reshelving carts and a book sticks out as a great flannelboard addition.  A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea adapted by Jessica Law is one such book.  The title has a lot going for it that would make it a great addition to story time-bright illustrations, a cumulative and catchy song (with cd included), and it deals with science in a sneaky way.  How can you beat all that?  Plus, in honor of Shark Week, it includes a shark.

 We start off with a hole at the bottom of the sea.

Then, we add in some animals who live in the hole at the bottom of the sea-a shark, an eel, a squid, a crab, and a snail.  (In science terms, it is a food chain.)
 The sun feeds the weed, which feeds the snail...

As an added bonus, we throw in some number practice by counting the animals.

If I had unlimited time and money for felt, I would have created the animals so they would fit on top of each other in size order as they get eaten.  Instead, my animals are all cut out of felt with puffy painted details.  For the snail, I painted on orange glitter glue to make it shiny.  The numbers are cut with an AccuCut machine.

If I were performing this book, I would use the cd to sing the words and sing along with it.  This would add in the singing early literacy component.  Plus, I like using books in different ways than just reading them.  With my older kids I would pass out the felt parts for them to put on the boar as there are 13 of them.  With the 2 year olds, I would add the parts myself.

This week's Flannel Friday round-up is hosted by Brooke at Reading with Red.  Stop by to check out all of the flannel fun!


  1. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa! Once upon a time...this was one of my favorite story songs. Thanks for making it in flannel with your very special science approach! You've inspired me. This is going directly to my flannelize soon pile. *happy* ~ jane

    1. Jane-Definitely check out this book version by Jessica Law. I am really impressed with the bright colors as it will attract the youngest singers/readers.

  2. Wow! your flannel pieces are adorable and I love to sing books for storytime! Thanks for a great idea!

  3. That song used to be my brother's favorite when we were growing up and singing in the car on family road trip's. I'm requesting a copy on MeL to compare it the version of the song I know. It would be great to read the book at story time, then retell it using the FB pieces. Something I might try which I do with my almost 3 year old grandson, when singing a song to him, sometimes he says "Grandma don't sing", so I actually quit singing, but mouth the words. He always looks at me to watch my mouth and says "No words coming out". So with this song/retelling I would sing the song and hold up a FB piece when I get to that part of the song and just mouth the word and see if the children say/sing it.


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