Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flannel Friday-Crazy Critters

I was going through my files this week and found one of the first flannelboards that I ever did.  The pattern and directions are included in A Storytime Year by Susan Dailey, which is a great resource to have on your professional reference shelf.  My kiddos love games in story time, which is one reason why this is great.  It has been used so many times that I think that I need to color/copy the pieces again and laminate them.

 Here are all of the animals mixed up (except the monkey).

 Here are the animals with the correct parts.

If you make this game yourself, it helps if you use a different color for every animal.  It helps the kids if they are putting the parts together.  It also helps you if you are quickly grabbing parts during story time.  I like to use this during animal or silly story times.  It also works well as an early literacy station if you have a flannelboard out in your library.  To add some literacy to the game, we talk about what each animal is called and what noise it makes when they are put together.  You can also talk about what noises you think that the mixed up animals would make.

I am hosting the round-up this week at Libraryland.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Lisa, I just used a "purchased" set of animals like this via Mr. Anderson's and they were a hit. I'm going to use them for the Kindergarten Class SRP visits to the library too. The kids love the games!


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