Thursday, February 23, 2012

Flannel Friday-Bark, George

I'll admit, today's Flannel Friday post isn't flannel, but it is great fun.  I took a large piece of foam board and drew George on it with crayon and marker.  Where his mouth is, I cut out a large hole (big enough for me to fit my arm through).  The pieces are laminated clip art (cow, cat, duck, pig, and the vet).  I attached a paper envelope to the back of the board for storing the clip art.  Now, when I tell the story of Bark, George by Jules Feiffer, I can reach into George's mouth and pull out the animals just like the vet does.


  1. How fun! I'm sure your kids get a kick out of this hands-on presentation of such a silly story. :-) I always enjoy seeing non-flannel ideas, too. Thanks for sharing!

    We have a similar setup for the book, My Sister Ate a Hare. Our storytime friends LOVE it!

  2. Excellent idea!
    We just read this book and the families loved it.
    I'll have to try your idea - I can just imagine slipping on the latex glove before putting my hand in George's mouth - how funny.

    1. Just found lots of activities at Making Learning Fun that I can add to this book. Thanks for getting me started

  3. I do something similar to this; instead of poster/card stock, I use a cardboard box decorated with George. Don't forget the plastic glove!



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