Monday, December 22, 2014

DIY Ornaments

It's the holiday week and some of our kids are already out of school.  Our goal was to put together some larger programs that required little prep where we could give kids activities to do at the library on their school break.  This is one such program.

We put together three crafting stations for kids.  As they finished their craft, they moved onto the next station.  Our crafts were:
The highlight was definitely the Christmas trees made out of muffin cups as the kids could design their own style. Parents liked them because many of them had muffin cups at home so they could duplicate the craft there.  To make your own, you will need muffin cups in a variety of colors, a small piece of yarn to hang, and stickers to decorate.  I have included directions here and below are a picture of my examples.

The program definitely was a hit as it was easy and had good results.  It is definitely one that we will be pulling out again next year.

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