Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Toddler Crafts for Valentine's Day

Envelope heart pouches are cute and easy to do.  First, seal an envelope (I use legal-sized envelopes and buy a giant box of them at one time).  One corner of the envelope will form your bottom point of the heart.  Draw the top part of the heart and cut out.  You should be able to repeat with the other side of the envelope so you will get 2 pouches out of one envelope.  Use a hole punch and punch a hole in each side of the pouch near the top.  Have the kids put one end of the pipe cleaner through one hole and have a parent help them twist it together.  Repeat with the other side.  Then, decorate your pouch.  I like to use stickers, because they can be cut ahead of time, but crayons are fun too.

We had pre-cut red heart shapes for kids to make their own Valentines.  I like the heart stickers that we used because I like any form of literacy that we can add to a craft.  Many of the kids added their own crayon designs to the Valentines.

The final craft were white heart shapes that the kids filled in with tissue paper squares.  Here we used a combination of red and pink tissue paper to make our sample heart.

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