Friday, February 17, 2012

Flannel Friday:The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse

Welcome to my first ever Flannel Friday post.  One of my favorite books from Fall 2011 was The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse by Eric Carle.  It is one that is easily adaptable to a color or an animal story time and it works great with two-year olds, which is my specialty.  By making the animals different colors than they normally are, it makes the book "silly" and gives you a forum to discuss the animals.
To make a set of your own, you will need a blue horse, a red crocodile, a yellow cow, a pink rabbit, a green lion, an orange elephant, a purple fox, a black bear, and a polka-dotted donkey.  I have access to an AccuCut machine and animal dies so I was able to run the felt through it and decorate the pieces with googly eyes and polka dots (permanent markers on the donkey).


  1. First, let me say WELCOME! to the Flannel Friday group. It is an awesome group to be a part of!

    Second, you did a beautiful job on your flannel set. How fun for a color storytime!

    I do something very similiar with Dr Seuss' My Many Colored Days which will be in my upcoming Dr Seuss post. It might be fun to share The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse in the same storytime as My Many Colored Days...

  2. Hi Lisa, welcome to Flannel Friday! I think silly is what story time is about!

  3. Welcome to Flannel Friday, Lisa! You did a bang up job on your first flannel - well done and thanks for sharing!

  4. Wonderful job!! I think this book may be the only Eric Carle book we don't have in our collection. I think that may need to be corrected. :)


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