Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Face Outs Make a Difference

If you have seen some of my display posts in the past, you will know that I am a big fan of seeing what works in the retail world and adopting it in my library.  Any time I can face out a book, display it on shelves, or some other option, it helps it to circ.  As we know in the library world, circulation is important or items get weeded.

This inspiration came from a local bookstore (you may recognize it).

As you can see, this display looks neat.  You can see all of the book covers, which makes you want to pick up a copy (or five) for purchase.

We recently "found" some shelf space and our new nonfiction moved to fill it.  Since moving it here and using the face out method, I am constantly filling holes.  These books are now flying off the shelves.  Plus, they are right at the beginning of the nonfiction section now (rather than the easy reader area which didn't make sense).

1 comment:

  1. I completely agree about face outs! I really love how you've highlighted your books on the cases.

    And something you might find interesting: I used to work at the district-level of marketing for a large retail book chain that has since closed. In general publishers would pay approximately $500 per endcap PER STORE. On average you could fit maybe six picture books on an endcap. So almost $100 per book per store. So yeah, face outs are very desirable and for good reason.


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