Friday, December 20, 2013

Snowman Candy Bags

I had made these for my staff, but thought that they would also be a good program for older kids.  Even the younger kids could handle it if all of the pieces were precut and you used glue dots.

Supplies Needed

  • white heavy paper (I used scrapbook paper, but cardstock would also work)
  • black paper for hat and eyes
  • orange scrap paper for nose
  • green glitter paper (although you could also use plain green paper or a holly sticker)
  • this pattern
  • white Lifesavers (I used peppermint)
  • candy bag
  • ribbon for hanging
Then you just cut and assemble with glue or double-sided tape!  It is two-sided so the candy bag is inserted between the two snowman faces.  I also wrapped the hatband so it met in the back (and covered it with a gift card).  This gives the hat a more finished look.

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