Thursday, November 1, 2012

Flannel Friday-Thanksgiving Extravaganza

As a part of the Flannel Friday Thanksgiving Extravaganza, I bring you Turkey Feathers.  I like this rhyme because you can give every kid in your program a feather and they can place it on the board.  I found this rhyme in Felt Board Fingerplays by Dick and Liz Wilmes, but I didn't use their patterns for the feathers.  Since I was making so many, I found a feather AccuCut die at our local MISD and used it to cut a whole bunch of feathers out of brightly colored copy paper.

To the tune of Are You Sleeping?
Turkey feathers, turkey feathers
Brightly colored, brightly colored.
Who has a red one?
Who has a red one?
Add it now.  Add it now.
I repeat the rhyme with yellow, green, blue and purple so
eventually my turkey can look like this:
The thing that you will want to keep in mind with this rhyme is time management.  If you let 30 kids come up to the flannelboard, it could take 10 minutes to get the kids up and back, the feathers cleaned off, and time to sing the verses.  You will also have the stragglers who will stand the whole time at the flannelboard just petting it.  Many times when this happens, I tell them that they can play with the rhyme after story time, then I actually leave the turkey and the feathers out in the room for them to play with.  With 2 year olds, listening skills are very important as they are just learning when it is appropriate to sit or stand.  This is a good activity to reinforce those skills.
This week's round-up is hosted at Trails & Tales.

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