Thursday, September 6, 2012

Flannel Friday-The Goldfish Song

I am excited by this Flannel Friday as this prop has been 1 year in the making.  Last fall, I presented at the MLA Annual Conference with 2 colleagues and 1 of them showed me these cool felt goldfish that she used for The Goldfish Song by Laurie Berkner on the cd Victor Vito.  I got the pattern from them and started cutting.

The goldfish are all cut from felt.  I made a front and a back for each one to make them stiff enough for stick puppets.  I used orange, light orange and yellow felt.  Each fish has 2 colors-the outside fish part and the inside fish part.  I used giant googly eyes to make them fun.
If you haven't used The Goldfish Song before, it is definitely worth a listen.  It works especially well with preschool and kindergarten audiences as they will "get" the silliness of the actions.  If you don't use fish puppets, you can still mimic the actions in the song and have a great time.
Many thanks to Lisa and Alicia at our South Branch for showing me the goldfish puppets and sharing the pattern.  The original pattern can be found at  I shrunk it down so two fish would fit on a page (somewhere between 50 and 60%).
This week's Flannel Friday Round-Up is being hosted by Loons & Quines at Librarytime.  For more Flannel Friday fun, check out the Flannel Friday blog and the Flannel Friday Pinterest page.


  1. Hi Lisa, I'd love the pattern - libraryquine at gmail dot com!

  2. Found the pattern LQ! It is at I shrunk it down so two fish would fit on 1 page (maybe 50-60%).

  3. Hi Lisa, Thanks for posting the goldfish, it's one of my favorites. The version of the Goldfish song I like to use is on The Best of Laurie Berkner Band. It's slightly different, and a bit more peppy. Alicia

    1. Thanks, Alicia. I will have to look for that version. I always like a little more pep.

  4. I use the Goldfish song without props and it's always a BIG hit! Thanks for sharing the beautiful goldfish!


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